All Your Life is Happening Right Now

This past year for me has felt like pushing a 747 down a runway. The idea of Emerge has so much potential for powerful influence here in the Philippines and throughout Asia. The hard part is getting it moving with enough momentum that it can lift off of the ground. Stepping into this role as Director of the network, I had no idea what to do. Though I had spent years leading on campus at Lee University, I was not ready for the managerial responsibility that comes with a startup ministry. Everything that we are doing is innovative! The possibilities are very exciting, but at certain times I find myself frustrated by not seeing results as fast as I want. It’s those moments that I feel a gentle nudge in my heart telling me that all I truly have in life is this moment right here. There are two things to do with that moment. One: give it your best. Two: enjoy it. Remembering that helps me keep it simple. After all, it is the “one small step” that becomes the “giant leap”.

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