Control the Head, Control the Man

Did you ever wrestle with your Dad when you were growing up? Well, my dad drilled one all important lesson into us in every one of our championship bouts. He would get us in a headlock and then say, “control the head, control the man”. Then we would promptly go flying head over heels into a soft landing he had prepared for us.

I didn’t realize how critical this lesson truly was until many years later. It illustrates the power of a focused life. I’ve recently met a young lady named Maritchu who is an example of this power and the effect it has on others. After coming to believe in Christ through a miracle, she devoted her life to reaching impoverished children with His love through a weekly sidewalk sunday school. She joined our church’s outreach, and has recently started her own. After only a few weeks running, she is already reaching one hundred and fifty kids. One of her assistants came to Christ through a sidewalk sunday school and is now a sponsored scholar in school.

The lesson I’ve learned from Maritchu’s life is simple: do one thing with all your heart. It’s easy to get fragmented between work tasks, family life, friendships and the many other daily worries that vie for our time. The people that I have met, though, who have truly left their mark on other’s lives are those who have learned to do one thing well and do it with all their heart. I still am trying to put my finger on that one thing, but I think I’m getting a pulse

2 thoughts on “Control the Head, Control the Man

  1. Michelle Hester says:

    no way!, if it isn’t mr. quinley! i tried to leave a message on here so sorry if this is a repeat! but hey I cant believe you have a whole site. My husband jake told me how you can google ur friends and I was just randomly googling some faith friends! but wow! i see ur married(or engaged) she’s beautiful by the way, congratulations! and i also see ur in cambodia! are you a missionary? that is so awesome! it looks very exciting and that is awesome that u are spreading the message of Christ. My husband and I also want to be missionaries in the next 5 years! but hey! i don’t wanna write a story on here, email me and lemme know how youv’e been! ps. this is a cool blog site, good job, i think i might try to create a blog one day when i have more free time.! well God Bless friend!
    Michelle hester

  2. ajquinley says:

    Hey Michelle! It’s great to hear from you! Yep, I’m actually getting married to my dream girl in July of this year! For the first part of this year, I’ll be traveling around Asia, then we’ll be in the US after we get married and next year we’ll move to Thailand to do regional ministry around this area. Where are you and your husband feeling pulled to?

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