Gratitude: the Humbug Exterminator

As kids, Christmas always sparkled like sunlight off of glistening icicles. I remember how excited I was as soon as January rolled around again, because I knew that every year had a Christmas. Growing older, however, Christmas can lose some of its luster. As the season trudges on, we grow more overcrowded, overweight, overspent, and very overwhelmed. It seems what used to be the season of peace and joy has become the season of discontentment. So, in order to keep your heart at rest while dealing with the hassles of the Christmas crunch, try something with me. While you’re making your list of what you want for Christmas (or what everyone else wants), take some time everyday to make your list of what you are grateful for.

Here’s my list so far:

  • Proposing to the most wonderful woman I have ever known, Jacki.
  • Spending loads of quality time with my family, bonding through fights, adventures, and just hanging around.
  • Getting a taste and vision of life in Thailand
  • Working with my visionary father on the Quest
  • Launching the Quest and training leaders who can confidently take others through it.
  • Planting the Emerge Website and getting to cultivate it everyday
  • Mentoring a few guys I’ve discipled over the years
  • Learning to enjoy life in the moment
  • Getting my hands dirty at the Edge, producing my own radio spot, Surf’s Up.

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