Sawat di Khrapb!

Greetings from Thailand, the land of smiles. Everywhere you look, faces glow with a soft expression and easily break into a smile. Thailand, however, is also very clearly a land without Christ. Less than 1% of Thais know Jesus. 99.3% of the nation lives without the hope and grace that Christians know. Here are some statistics that I’ve recently found out:

One of our missionaries here told us that nearly 80% of the young men studying at the nearby University are homosexual.

Thailand earns approximately 4 billion dollars through its sex tourism trade.

Estimated amount of people living with HIV in Thailand: 580,000.

Number of Thai Christians: 438,600, constituting 0.7 percent of the population.

These precious people need a savior. The state overseer of Thailand once turned to my father and said, “There is not enough room in hell for all of my people to go there.” When Jesus spoke to his disciples about the lost, he didn’t tell them to pray that the lost would be receptive or that the disciples would be able to reach the lost. He told his disciples, “there are multitudes of lost people and they are ready. Pray for more people to choose to get into their world and tell them about me” (my own paraphrase). Knowing this call and seeing the need here in Thailand, my family, Jacki, and I will will be moving here shortly after Jacki and I get married next year. Please pray with us as we discern how we can best reach these beautiful people with the gospel. Your prayers help to break up the ground that we will soon build on.

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