Trivial Pursuit

After six months apart, Jacki and I are finally getting two and a half weeks together. I can’t tell you how good this has been for our hearts. Being away from each other for so long, you realize how wonderful even the most ordinary things are about each other. The other day I even caught myself thinking how nice it was going to be to eat a pack of French fries with Jacki again. Sounds silly, I know but listen to what Psychologist John M. Gottman, the executive director of the Relationship Research Institute, has to say.

“Something that’s been so hard for me to convey to the media is that trivial moments provide opportunities for profound connection. For example, if you’re giving your little kid a bath and he splashes and you’re impatient, you miss an opportunity to play with him. But if you splash back and you clean up later, you have some fun together and you both get really wet, laugh, and have a beautiful moment. It’s ephemeral, small, even trivial yet it builds trust and connection. In couples who divorce or who live together unhappily, such small moments of connection are rare.”

This is true in any relationship. Cherish and take advantage of those little moments. Here’s a few shots of me and the kids taking advantage of one.

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