The $20 Miracle- Jacki

Since I am graduating soon, getting married to the most wonderful man in the world, and moving to Thailand I have had a lot on my mind. One thing in particular has been financial concerns. I know that God provides, but I come from a family where I am supposed to earn my money by working hard. Missions life works a little different. Yes, you do work, but it’s not necessarily a 9-5 job. Andrew, my amazing fiancé, has been telling me that I don’t need to worry about finances, because God will provide and take care of us. I know this, but trusting God completely with finances is hard for me to do.
Last night, I was stressing again about this. Well, this morning I was walking from my class to chapel. It was a windy day. As I was strolling along, looking at the ground, all of a sudden something blew right at my feet. I thought it was a leaf, but I gave it a second look. It was a twenty dollar bill! I was in shock for a moment because I thought I was seeing things, but I wasn’t! It was definitely a twenty dollar bill! My first reaction was to turn it into the “lost and found” on campus, but I didn’t know how someone would claim it. So I just picked it and went to chapel.
Afterwards I was talking to Andrew on Skype and told him what had happened. As we were talking, he asked me what I thought it meant, and I said that God will ALWAYS provide. When I said this something just clicked in my head and it made sense to me. I honestly feel like the Lord wanted to physically show me that no matter where I am or what financial state I am in, He won’t leave, but that he wants to and will provide for Andrew and me.
We got to talking and we decided that we want to be able to give money to people who need it at their moment of need. So with the twenty dollars that was brought to me, I am going to give it to someone who really needs it. God has given me this money, and now I need to show God’s love to someone else who really needs this money. I will never forget this day. It has helped me trust God even more in providing for Andrew and me for our future together as missionaries.

2 thoughts on “The $20 Miracle- Jacki

  1. Alicia says:

    That is such an encouraging story, Jacki- and perfect timing for me as the Lord is teaching me the depth of freedom from trusting Him with ALL things 🙂

  2. ajquinley says:

    WOW Alicia! It’s nice to hear that God is talking to you about this too!!! I would love to hear what He’s saying to you too! 🙂

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