Redeem the Airwaves 3.0: Upload

Here’s what’s taking most of my time right now:

On April 10, a lot of normal people will converge in one very ordinary building for a conference that will shape culture throughout the Philippines and the world. How, you ask? A shift in technology and society occurred in the last few years that took power from major media production houses. That power to influence hundreds and thousands is now in the hands of every person on this planet. You don’t need millions of dollars to make a blockbuster movie anymore. You don’t need to sign a record deal to be played in headphones all throughout the world. You don’t need a publisher to have a score of followers read everything that you write. You do, however, need to understand this new potential to influence and hone the skills to unleash it. If you’d like to unlock this potential and network with other emerging leaders around the nation, you are invited to join us at Redeem the Airwaves 3: Upload. The conference will run from April 10-12 at Lighthouse Christian Community in Alabang. For information and tickets, visit

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