Hi, I’m… Unpopular (Part Four: The Disciples)

When Jesus walked towards Jerusalem at the beginning of the week, his best friends were fighting over a place by his side. By the end of the week, he was crucified, naked, and publicly humiliated, and his friends where nowhere to be found. So what decision did Jesus make that was so tough for his disciples to take? He left them. Over and over again, Jesus tried to prepare them. He would tell them, “I’m going to die”, “I’ll be raised up for the world to look on,” “this temple will be destroyed.” They didn’t want to hear it, though. They had their own expectations of what Jesus’ life was going to be. More importantly, they had a comfortable relationship with Jesus and they didn’t want that to change in any way. Jesus, however, knew the truth and he tried to tell them, “unless a head of wheat falls to the ground, it won’t bear fruit.”

Translation, “I have to follow through with my death in order to bring life to others”.

Translation for his disciples, “If things stay the way that they are, there will be no more growth, but if we are willing to embrace the change that comes from the death of something, then new life can begin for everyone.”

Jesus’ purpose was going to take him through some experiences that would change his relationship with his disciples. They didn’t want to hear it though. He knew, however, that if he was willing to go through with it, his disciples and the population of the world for all of history would be better for it. It was a tough call to make. They were people he loved so dearly, but eventually Jesus knew that his relationship with them had to transition. It was time for the next season of his life and theirs. For Jesus, that meant that he had to leave them.

(Tomorrow we’ll talk about how this applies to us and what practical steps we can take in making tough decisions).

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