Hi, I’m… Unpopular (Part Five: What About You?)

You may find yourself with any one of those choices to make at this time.

You might have a choice to make that will mess up the way the system runs. It will be something different that has not been tried before, but you feel that the Lord is telling you it is needed in order to produce new growth within your organization or your ministry or your family.

You might be considering a choice, but holding back because of the expectations of others on your life. Those people might even be spiritual leaders in your life. But you know. You’ve had this growing inside you for some time and you feel the Lord speaking to you about it. God’s not going to shut everyone up and kick you through the door. He’s given you the pen to write your life story, he wants you to write it. He wants you to write it with him, but it is in your choices that you will write it.

You might be facing a choice that will require you to leave some people that you truly love (now, divorce and running away from home doesn’t fall into this category). You know it’s going to hurt those people and they might feel abandoned. You know, though, that if you stay where you are, you will die inside, because there is a dream that the Lord has planted in you and he’s stirring it around in you.

If you’re in any one of those situations, I want to give you a guideline for making that decision.

  • Pray
  • Put yourself in the place of those your decision will affect (you need to know how they will feel)
  • Seek wise counsel (from diverse sources. Try to get people who aren’t involved in the decision).
  • Be silent and consider every point (don’t defend or justify or try to explain. Don’t vent to people or talk to people just to get it off your chest. Seek counsel and just listen).
  • Worship (it’s the best thing you can do when you’re making a difficult choice, sing songs about the big God you live life with).
  • Thank God for the stress (it’s developing your character for the rest of your life).
  • Make your decision and commit to it (at some point, after you’ve prayed, listened, and considered, you need to have a moment of decision. Write it in your journal. Then, don’t look back and consider anymore).
  • Approach those with influence and state your intentions clearly in love (in every group involve, there are those whose opinions matter more than others. Talk to them and hear them out).
  • Don’t defend yourself, just explain your heart and stay on their side.
  • Let the word spread and take the criticism that comes (don’t pull away or lash back).
  • Help them with the transition and pray with them (as much as you can, stay with the people your decision affects, walking them through the transition and talking about it honestly).
  • Make the move
  • Stay connected (don’t pull away from the people affected by your choice. Stay connected as much as possible).
  • Pray and worship

    2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m… Unpopular (Part Five: What About You?)

    1. Tracy Reynolds says:

      Hey, Andrew!
      Uncle Tracy here. Wow. I feel like I have walked out a little of this with you. This series so moved me that I cut and pasted it into a Word file, saved it under my sermons file, and printed it out for use in an upcoming class and various mentoring groups. The points of practice here are powerful…in many ways to me because I perceive that you have lived them, or tried desperately to live them! πŸ™‚ Though I have mostly loved and admired you from a distance, I sincerely do both. This season of your life will be amazing…and the preparation vital, strategic and timely. While you are in the states I would love to stay Q-nnected. Thanks for giving me both personal inspiration and tools to pour into the lives of other struggling next gen leaders striving desperately to live their lives boldly before the Lord. I love you. I am very proud of you.

    2. ajquinley says:

      Thanks Uncle Tracy. Your guidance during this time was a nice rock to moor my faith on while I was figuring things out. This series brewed in my heart for a good couple of months, so I’m grateful that it has given you a tool to use to bolster the lives that you are shaping now. I’m looking forward to some more good talks and stories in the next few months πŸ™‚ See you in July!

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