Why Chiang Rai?

So, yesterday’s big news was that we are moving to Chiang Rai, Thailand as fulltime missionaries. Now, you may be wondering, “of all places in Thailand, why Chiang Rai?” Here’s why.

Jacki and I chose Chiang Rai, because it offers us a chance to plant the seed of the gospel early in the life of not only Thais, but Burmese and Laotians as well. Googlesearch images of “Chiang Rai” and you will turn up three main images:

  1. Temples– it is a place of intense spiritual dialogue
  2. Hill tribe people– It’s a meeting place of the rural and the modern. 145,000 refugees from Burma and thousands of orphans live in nearby camps. These are people in desperate need of hope.
  3. Maps– These maps show it’s strategic location as it borders Laos and Burma. Students from these nations gather at the universities in Chiang Rai to learn english and train for their futures. If we reach them here, they will take the good news of Christ back to their homelands, making Chiang Rai an epicenter of spiritual and cultural transformation for these nations.

Chiang Rai is going to be important in these next years as the kingdom of God advances deeper into the heart of Asia. Jacki and I want to be a part of that move of the Holy Spirit. We want you to be a part of it too. If you’d like to join us in planting the hope of Christ in the hearts the young Thais, Burmese, and Laotians living in Chiang Rai right now, you can just click that button on the right or below that says “Donate Now” to make a tax deductible donation. It will walk you through what to do next. Once you get to the “Designate my Donation” box, just type in “support Jacki and Andrew” in that box. We’d love to hear from you, so please remember to send us a letter to let us know that you want to be a part of this story with us. We’ll be sending you pictures, videos, and updates with stories from the lives of young Thais, Burmese, and Laotians that you are giving hope to. Thank you! We can’t wait to hear from you!


    2 thoughts on “Why Chiang Rai?

    1. Tam says:

      Well, well, well!! Great news! So you can already pray in Thai…can’t wait for the sermons!
      No really, you guys will be an awesome addition to Chiangrai and I look forward to seeing ALL that God does through you both here in this region.
      Praying for you both in your preparations.

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