A Letter from One of Our First Supporters

Well, I officially quit my job today. We are now totally depending on our Provider and our core-partners now as we start ramping up for life on the mission field. As we’ve been praying for faithful partnerships, we’ve been blown away by those who have begun committing to partner with us. For example, when Jacki’s sixteen year old sister Jessi called us and told us that she wanted to support us, we were floored. I asked her to write something we could post online to explain why she’s decided that she wants to help us give hope to Thailand. Here’s her letter to you.

Hey everyone,
I am Jessi Shamis, Jacki Quinley’s little sister. I wanted to tell ya’ll why i decided to sponsor Jacki and Andrew Quinley. One day, I was driving home, and I started listening to a song that Andrew wrote calledย Spiderman. The lyrics say, “Sometimes, even heroes need a hand to hold.” ย That is true for everyone in this world and then I thought how many times God has sent Jacki and Andrew into my life just to pick me up or to help through tough times. I see so much of God’s light shining through them in the way they communicate with people and how they have such confidence in what they stand for.

I believe God is putting this opportunity in front of them for a reason. So many people need someone to come beside them and walk them into the right direction. Jacki and Andrew have been that for so many people here and now they get to be that for so many other people in the world. As they look at the road ahead of them, they are saying that they are called by God. But I believe those whose lives they touch in Thailand will say, “Jacki and Andrew were sent by God”.

If you’d like to join with Jessi and us in giving hope to the lost in Asia, just click on that link at the top that says “partner with us”. It will walk you through the few easy steps to make a secure tax deductible donation online or by check. We hope you take the time to pray about this and truly consider partnering with us. It’s an adventure you won’t regret. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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