Work. Stop. Rest. Repeat.


In the beginning there was nothing. Then God gets to work.

“Let there be light.”         Bam!         Light.        “I like it,” God says.      Day two: sky, three: dry land, and so on and so forth until man on the sixth day. Then God rests on day seven. Because we’ve heard it so many times, it’s easy to blow past the richness of this story.

Reading it this time around, I realized something so simple that I had overlooked it in searching for deeper spiritual maxims. God, the omnipotent creator of everything, only did one thing a day. He didn’t just burn out his reserve tank till he got the whole project done and then crash on the seventh day. He structured the process so that he spent all his attention on one thing for a day. When the day ended, he stopped working, stood back, appreciated his work, then rested. The next day he picked up where he left off and continued the process.

One of the things that I am worst at is setting a cutoff point. I think that’s the lesson here, though. God would have been perfectly capable of accomplishing everything in one go, but he didn’t. When the workday ended, he didn’t keep plugging away, he stopped working and enjoyed the sense of accomplishment of that day’s work. You see, the only value that our work has in our lives is the value that we give it by taking time to rest and enjoy what we have accomplished.

How bout you? What have you found out about God’s nature when it comes to work and rest?

2 thoughts on “Work. Stop. Rest. Repeat.

    • ajquinley says:

      Wouldn’t that be nice? I mean, with all the multitasking that we do, how great would it be to just simplify that down to the most important things. Hmmm… another blog idea.

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