Simple Math & Your Relationship With God


Most people hate math. Do you remember sitting in that math class when you were a kid and asking yourself, “how am I ever going to use this in my life?” Maybe you were even bolder and you asked your teacher the same thing. I only bring up math, because I want to ask you a question. Have you ever sat down to take a math test, looked at a problem, and 10 minutes later realized that you had made that equation way more complicated than it really was? I did that constantly. I would begin throwing in tangents and powers of 22, and before I knew it, I was closer to charting the course of the planet Mercury than I was to solving that problem. I tend to do that in life too. I’ve realized that it’s not just me, and maybe you can relate too.

Often, we miss the most elementary truths as we complicate life’s issues. We make our pursuit to become a great leader or to be successful and wealthy. We develop elaborate expectations and laws for ourselves that we feel God has of us. We judge our standing with God by how we avoid sin and how much time we are spending in prayer and evangelism. The apostle Paul, however, breaks it down for us in his letter to the Romans, “So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God – all because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us in making us friends of God” (5:1).

From the beginning, the point of life has been relationships. When God created man, he created him for a relationship. Because of that, we cannot find fulfillment in life unless we first are in an ever-deepening relationship with God: the entire reason why Jesus came and died for us. This means that the point of every day is not to build a better church or to make enough money to live a comfortable life. It’s not even to avoid sin and become a better person. It’s even simpler than that. The simple truth is that God just wants a relationship with us, a genuine, loving, deep relationship. It can’t get any more basic than that. And it shouldn’t get much more complicated either.

1. What do you like/hate about math?
2. What expectations weigh you down? They might be expectations that others have of you, that you have of yourself, or that you feel God has of you.

2 thoughts on “Simple Math & Your Relationship With God

  1. jaeDee says:

    Hi!!! Had dinner with your Dad last night, and heard that you were doing well, so I decided to pop into your blog and say HALLLERRR!!! Our Love To Jackie! Yes, I’m awfully awful at Math but don’t you think it’s strange that many people quickly admit that they’re bad at math (in fact some are proud of it when they confess) but you don’t hear people say – I’m bad at reading… Like as if it’s okay if u can’t add up or multiply things so long as you can read C-A-T or D-O-G!!!
    Hugs to you all, I miss you guys and often reminisce about the Christmases we spent at your home in the Phils…

  2. ajquinley says:

    Hey JaeDee, great to hear from you! Yep, I miss you guys too. Can’t wait to meet up with you all whenever we’re in the Philippines again. We might meet up sooner in Thailand, however. You’re right on with people’s math confessions. It might be one of the first things that you learn in trying to be socially acceptable, “hating math is cool”.

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