Qnection Photography is Open for Business


Last month, we launched Jacki’s Organizing business. This month, we’re launching Q-nection Photography. Years of experience in the field of photography have taught us to get inside the story and observe it with uncommon perspective. We’ll help you tell your story with freshness of insight and excellence of craft.

We photograph weddings, portraits, concerts, and other events, shoot for magazines and billboards, etc. Naturally, the price of travel will factor into our booking. We don’t charge for prints. After the event or photo-shoot, we will deliver a cd with your original files and our enhanced versions of them. From that point on, those photos are yours. We only ask that you allow us to use them for our own promotion.

So here’s the breakdown:

  • Weddings– $800 for 8 hours of wedding day coverage. We’d like to be at your rehearsal as well in order to get a better feel for your wedding. That’ll come free if we can work it into our schedule. Our style is photojournalistic. All your photos are yours to print and share with your family and friends however you like.
  • Concerts and other events– $100 for two hours. $200 for four hours.
  • Photo-shoots for magazines, cd covers, other promotions– $50 an hour.
  • Portraits- $100 for 2 hours

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