What We Will Be Doing in Thailand


I know this has been a long time in coming, but we wanted to make sure that we were clear on our role within Emerge before we started talking openly about it. We’ve been asked a lot recently, however, “What exactly will you guys be doing over there?” I’d like to share that with you now.

A few months ago, Jacki and I joined up with my parents and Emerge Missions, the non-profit that they are overseeing in Chiang Rai. Since then, we’ve been talking about our official roles and our unofficial desires for our ministry in Thailand. There is great need in Chiang Rai in many areas and so much opportunity to engage the community. As such our ministry in Thailand will have many facets to it. Here are the major ones.

  • Campus Outreach– Chiang Rai has two major universities. One of them in particular is of interest to us. It is a major English-speaking university for the entire nation. As such, students are eager to engage native English speakers in relationships. Jacki and I will be focusing our energies on developing redemptive relationships with these students and empowering the few Christians on campus to reach their fellow students.
  • Orphanage Ministry– Jacki and I love kids. Chiang Rai is a “fishing pond” for sex traffickers who prey on the naive tribal families in the surrounding area. Other non-profits and missionaries have done their best to rescue as many as they could from the clutches of these vultures. The children, however, are in need of solid discipleship and nurturing in order to face Thai culture when they leave the homes. Jacki and I will be spending time with the kids developing systems of discipleship in their homes and developing nurturing relationships for their growth.
  • Establishment of a Media, Discipleship, and Leadership School– Chiang Rai sits in the heart of the Golden Triangle. This puts us in a prime location for reaching into neighboring nations and training up the few resilient Christians that are there into change agents in their own nations. We will be a part of the team’s efforts to establish a school in Chiang Rai that founds young Christians in solid discipleship, equips them with leadership training, and shapes them into effective storytellers for their nations.
  • Opening up an Internship Program– We are passionate about the lost in Asia. We want that fire to catch in the hearts of other Americans who have the resources to do something about this need. We will be strategizing and opening up an internship program for students from universities in the US in order to equip them in their specific fields, empassion them with the need of the lost, and give them an experience that will forever affect their lives.
  • Tribal Outreach– Both Jacki and I are excited about the rich tapestry of cultures that exist near Chiang Rai. We will be helping other team members with the outreach to and training of tribal communities. Christians in these communities have been left to figure out Christianity on their own. We’ll be helping to solidify their discipleship and to equip them to reach their neighbors. There’s a disconnect between the older generation of Christians and their modern kids. We’ll be using media camps as a means of outreach to connect with them and bring them into redemptive relationships as well.
  • Developing an Online Community of Christian Leaders– One of the difficulties young Christians in least-evangelized-nations like Thailand face is the task of finding a community of Christians to walk out their life with them. One of my roles is the Director of the Emerge Network. It’s my job to envision, design, structure, and cultivate that community. We’ve recently launched a new homepage for our website emergenetwork.org to go with our social network. Check it out! It’s an exciting avenue of ministry that you can get into to help nurture and disciple Asian Christians who are seeking genuine relationships and equipping for ministry.

As you can see, there’s a lot ahead of us, and Jacki and I are bouncing off the walls with excitement about getting our feet on the ground. Thank you for being a part of the journey so far. If you haven’t checked out our partnership page yet and you’d like to know how you can help us give hope to Thailand, just click here and you’ll be taken to that page. Thank you again. We love you!

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