The Two Most Powerful Words (Pt. 1)


Well, I hope my last post had you turning the question over in your head, “what are the two most powerful words?”

The truth is, you are already in possession of the two most powerful words in existence (under the name of Jesus, of course). They are words that shape history, if used right. The funny thing is they are probably within the first 10 words that you ever learned. The first word I’m talking about is…. “yes“.

If you’ve watched the movies, “the Yes Man” or “Bucket List”, then you can understand the power in the word “yes”. “Yes” opens up possibilities. It seizes opportunity. Use “yes” when you want to throw yourself into an experience and come away with a story. Use the power of “yes” when you want to engage a new friend or meet a hurting person’s need.

I’m familiar with the word “yes”, because I’ve grown up in a “yes” family. My dad’s motto for us was always, “They’ve got to live before they die.” The word “yes” is the perfect solution for fear. Afraid of heights? Find a high dive and jump. Say “yes” to doing it and follow through. Afraid of living poor? Turn off cable for a month and give that money to a poor person. Want to learn how to dance? Enroll in a dance class today. Want to add a little more excitement to your marriage or family life? Don’t let it just remain a desire. Take the opportunity you have and say yes to doing something about it.

  • Make a home movie
  • Go hiking
  • Go out for karaoke night

Want to be a part of God’s great commission? Invite someone who’s lost over for dinner just to spend time with them and hear their story.

The point is “yes” turns possibility and desire into reality.

So, before I tell you about the second word, why don’t we both start putting this into practice.

Let’s make a list of:

  1. Fears
  2. Gifts
  3. Personal Goals
  4. Family Goals
  5. Occupational Goals
  6. Ministry Goals

I’ll be posting my list up in the next few days. I’d love to share in your list as well.

Wanna take it a step further? Take this list and work out simple practical actions that you can do starting this week.

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