12 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Gela Pampolina says:

    Great video Andrew! Saw your link in Twitter. I really wish I was there with you guys even for 3 months!! Haha 😀 God bless you in your new life in Chiang Rai!

  2. Aunt Nancy says:

    It has been so sweet to see your journey in the video. We wish you so many blessings in your work there. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Jan Cooke says:

    I’m praying for you and your mission, Andrew Jackie it makes me cry with joy to see you know that you are in my prayers and on my heart, I’m praying for you to make a difference with young people and be kept safe, I’m so proud I know you! Let me know what you need, I want to help.
    Love you
    Merry Christmas
    jan cooke

    • ajquinley says:

      Thank you Jan. We love you and the family so much. We look forward to updating you on our further adventures and the lives that we are investing in.

  4. Aunt Nancy says:

    I keep trying to comment to you and can’t seem to get through. Glad to hear life is good for you there…Have a wonderful Christmas…love you

    • ajquinley says:

      Hey Aunt Nancy, sorry bout the frustration you were having. I’ve set a security feature on here that requires comments to be approved by me before they show up just so that we don’t get a lot of spam. Thank you for your encouragement and for following up on us. We were thinking about you guys yesterday and hoping we could swing by Cali on the way back to Chicago sometime to see you all. How is everyone doing?

  5. Terri Richards says:

    Brought tears to my eyes-I am so proud of you and your obedience! Andrew-you are blessed and I know you know it. Praying on how and how much we will continue to support you guys! Love

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