Push the Tomb Open

Last year was a hard year for many of our good friends. Jobs fell through, money grew thin, disease began to ravage them or their loved ones. Some of them lost someone close. When the locks blew off on this year, I felt like I was given something for you. If you feel like you’ve lost or are losing your dream, your family, your center in life, this year is for you. This is the year that you push back the opening of the tomb. In the story of Lazarus, Jesus showed up late and a sick man died. The man’s sisters were distressed and told Jesus, “if only you’d come sooner!” Jesus first wept with them, then in a public prayer said to his father, “Things happened this way so that people would know who I am.” Then he told Lazarus’ friends to push back the stone from the tomb and called Lazarus back to life. Here are three things to remember about this story as you walk into this year:

  1. Your story is not about you. Everything will be okay eventually, but the drama all leads back to people knowing who Jesus is.
  2. Hold on to Jesus when things get rough. They may not turn out exactly as you want them to, but trust him to bring something good out of the hardest situations.
  3. You need friends. Mary and Martha couldn’t have rolled back the stone from the tomb all by themselves. There is a measure of faith in action that you must take, but you need your friends to help you.

4 thoughts on “Push the Tomb Open

  1. Renee Shockley says:

    That is so inspiring and encouraging when I have faced a terrible year and not so sure how this upcoming one will be. “Push back the Tomb” , I will have to remember that.

    Thanks Jackie!!!!! I really believe in what yall are doing and every since yall visited my church (Harvest Center) God has laid your ministry close to my heart.
    Love you guys,
    Renee Shockley

  2. tosca nathan says:

    Thanks for this reminder Andrew! It is difficult to see beyond ourselves when troubles come. Oh for a consistent God-perspective on life….

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