Our Home in Thailand

This one is by Jacki

Ok so here are the pictures of our house FINALLY! God has blessed us more than we can imagine with this house and just providing for us with everything we need and so much more. Actually 2 weeks before we moved to Thailand we had no house at all and thought we were just going to look for one when we got here, but luckily one of the missionaries here went looking for us. She told us about the house and we didn’t even see pictures of it and said just please get it for us bc we need a place to live. We had NO idea how great this house was going to be! It was a leap of faith for me bc moving to a foreign country is hard enough but then I didn’t even know what kind of house we would be getting. However, God is soooo good to us!

Everyday when I look out my windows and see this majestic view I just thank God over and over for His blessings and his provisions. The other great thing about this house is all of the closets and the bathrooms because a typical Thai has no closets and no bathtubs, and no kitchen storage, but the man who owns this house is German and his wife is Akha so that is why this house has these things. Which we are extremely grateful for! It also saved us a ton of money not having to buy storage cabinets, etc. It’s just been a perfect place. The view is just wonderful!! It feels as though I’m on vacation everyday : ) There are so many great things about this place, including the rent. We only pay about $280 a month! We were paying double this for a tiny apartment in Cleveland! It just blows my mind! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the pics! : ) For those of you who have been so faithfully supporting us, thank you for making this possible!

10 thoughts on “Our Home in Thailand

  1. Ria Hydrick says:

    Such a beautiful home! Yet another blessing from our Father! Thank you for sharing the pics. I look forward to the Q-Nection!!!! Love you guys

  2. Abisola says:

    Aww, it’s such a beautiful house!! I’m so happy for you both and I pray that God will continue to provide for you and watch over you πŸ™‚

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