You ‘Sume Too Much, Young Grasshopper

No, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. With friends like Poy, Key, Boy, Aim, and Toto, I’m sure of it. Last night I hopped in the back of Toto’s scooter and we hit the football field (soccer for all my American friends). Once the opposing team scored and our team was told to take our shirts off, however, I began to ask myself what I had gotten myself into. No one had told me anything about a game of “strip soccer”! Needless to say, I ramped up my effort at defense. If first impressions last, I’d rather my first impression on my new Thai friends not be one of running around butt-naked on a soccer field. When they scored their next goal on us, much to my relief, no one asked me to take my shorts off. Apparently, I had assumed too much, as is often the case with people in a new context. I laughed it off to myself and 2 hours and a few blisters later, I walked off the field with a few more new friends.

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