Goodbye Ying

Sweetie Ying Ying

Yesterday we found out that one of the girls that worked with us had passed away. Her name was Ying and she was 23 years old. Her father had been trying to reach her and when he finally went to her room, he found her, already gone. The autopsies have shown that it was a health related issue that took her life. In the few months that we spent with Ying, we grew to love her deeply. She was a frank and witty member of our team and a beautiful young woman who helped us to connect with the other Thai that came to Media Light. We are so grateful to the Lord and to Leinie Alambro and the rest of the Filipinos on our team for the years that they invested in Ying. It’s a comfort for us to know that Ying had acknowledged Jesus as her Savior before she passed and stood up for that belief in front of her family.

Please pray for Norvie now as she travels to Bangkok to spend some time with Ying’s grieving family. We need the love and hope of Jesus to pour through the cracks in this hard time.

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