Like a Snake in the Grass

Last week Jacki and I heard something moving outside in the grass. I thought it was a cat, but when I looked under our truck, I realized that a fairly large snake had found its way into our yard. Jacki and I raced outside with a camera and a metal pole, at the end of which, our slithery friend found his doom.

2 thoughts on “Like a Snake in the Grass

  1. Poodie says:

    super love this video but i was freaking out at the same time. jackie, you were so funny..bravely taking the video but screaming at the same time. haha… don’t know how you can kill that thing, andrew, as you had to be faster than his attack to bite.

    • ajquinley says:

      Ha ha, I’m a ninja, Poodie :0) Jacki was incredibly brave. Every time we watch this video, I cringe thinking about what would have happened if she had gotten bit.

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