The Need for Discipleship

Jacki and I have been attending a beautiful young church here. The members are mostly college students. They come from all over Thailand. There is one thing that many of them have in common, though: They are the only Christian in their family.

That means pressure. Lots and lots of pressure. For most of them, when they leave college, they will leave every Christian they know. Many of them will fold under the pressure they face from their families and their friends back home. They will cave when their work forces them to choose between compromise or losing their job. The sad reality is that most Thai Christians are not discipled. They find Christ through a friend at school or a missionary visit, but then they are left on their own to figure it out. They make a superficial decision, but the commitment never goes deep enough to last through the storms they will face in life.

In the coming months, Jacki and I will be walking with these young Christians to help equip them for the hard journey ahead of them. Through genuine relationships and small groups, we’ll be helping them form a deep foundation of faith, truth, and love at the core of who they are. Thank you for praying with us and supporting us financially. You are a part of the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Southeast Asia.

3 thoughts on “The Need for Discipleship

  1. Lyle says:

    Hey guys. We always read your letter. We will pray that God will continue to lift you guys to higher levels of spiritual insight and knowledge. Spend much time with those small groups because I think they are a lifeline for all of us in faith.
    Linda broke her leg last week so will be hobbling for a while. Love you guys. Lyle and Linda

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