We Were Robbed

We were watching a movie when it happened. I had left one window open in my office, but the curtain was down on it. I heard a curtain flap during the movie, but I passed it off as wind, because that happens a lot. After the movie, I went to my computer and Jacki went to look for her’s. I sat down and noticed ant powder on my desk that I had laid down outside that morning. It was also on my chair. I thought Jacki had just put something down on my desk that had that powder on it. I wiped it up and asked Jacki if she put something on the desk. At about the same time she said, “where’s my computer?” She also noticed that her purse was missing. For about 5 minutes we scoured the house. When we couldn’t find anything, that sinking feeling hit us. We were robbed.

The past week we’ve gotten to know our friendly neighborhood policemen pretty well. We’ve also noticed the bond between us and our neighbors tighten. It’s a bit of a confusing situation. We still haven’t fully processed it, but here’s where we’re at so far.

  • Bad things happen no matter where you are in the world. You can never make yourself totally safe. It’s a waste of your time, emotions, and energy to live like that. Be practical, but don’t go overboard.
  • Tragedy brings people together. Take that opportunity to build deeper relationships with the people you love. It’s a terrible thing to waste those critical moments by focusing on yourself.
  • When it’s all said and done, that’s the only thing that really matters: your relationships.
  • Be grateful. It helps you find the good in hard times. Jacki and I have started trying to make a habit of spending 15 minutes in the morning praying/talking about what we’re grateful for.
  • Jesus is a redeemer. He takes bad things and makes something good happen through them. It’s what he does. Just worship and be patient.

2 thoughts on “We Were Robbed

  1. Jan Cooke Cleve TN says:

    Hope all is well for you, sorry to hear you got robbed but we must always think about the blessing in our lives, we need to pray for the person that did it too you they need our Lord. I
    wanted to let you know that I have gotten married to one of the most wonderful GODLY man, and I’m so happy! I think of you two often and speak of your mission. I’m so glad you were put in my path, I have a pray request…please pray for me I am going thru alot of changes God is working with me and I’m at a cross road. I love you both be as safe as you can. Thank you for being you!

    • ajquinley says:

      We are so happy for you, Jan! It’s great to hear that good news! We were looking at pictures the other day of your wedding. It looked wonderful and simple. That’s just the way our’s was. We love you and are so grateful that you’re part of this story with us and that we’re part of your story.

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