Why Don’t They Tell Others About Jesus?

Jacki and I have been spending some time with a few groups of Thai Christians in the past month. At one particular small group, a visiting teacher asked a question, “Why don’t Thai Christians tell others about Jesus?” The young Christians responded with two answers:

Because we’re afraid.


Because we don’t know enough about the Bible to tell them.

These responses highlight two hard realities facing the Thai church right now. Thai Christians are a minority. They make up less that 1% of the population. When Thai’s leave Buddhism or Animism to follow Jesus, in the eyes of their culture, they are turning their back on being Thai. These college students are afraid that if they tell their family and friends about Jesus, they will lose them. Most Thai Christians contend with the feelings of being outcasts in their own homes.

The second roadblock that the Thai church faces is a lack of discipleship. Thais often feel ill-equipped to share their faith, much less disciple their friends and families. Most often a Thai accepts Christ because of a missionary’s effort or a friend’s influence, but then they are left to figure out what it means on their own. Sadly, many drop out of their new found faith because no one takes them in and disciples them.

So what do we do about it?

4 thoughts on “Why Don’t They Tell Others About Jesus?

  1. Andrew says:

    Hello. Nice post. I would like to encourage you. It is good that the Thais are not hypocrites. They tell the truth about his fear. Truth is a good basis for spiritual growth. Contrary to my country, almost all the inhabitants call themselves Christians.But really very few believers.This situation is somewhat similar to yours. You’re doing a good job. God bless you!
    Sincerely. Andrew.

    • ajquinley says:

      I think you’ve got a very good point there Andrew. As I was writing this, I thought of how many Americans feel the exact same way. There is a great lack of real community and discipleship in the Western church. It is good to see the current desire for authentic relationships taking hold and beginning to steer the church’s agenda.

  2. Poodie says:

    that question is still hanging in my head, “what do we do about it?” yet i am reminded that Jesus started with only 12 who had a personal encounter with Him that could not keep them silent after Pentecost. I guess the Word comes alive when you really see the One behind it.

    then again, what do we do about it? Pray for Pentecost?

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