Youth Video Update

It’s been an intense few weeks of editing, but we’re getting close to finishing up the “I Am Christian” video. This video is actually an entire ad campaign geared towards rejuvenating and re-envisioning the Thai church and it’s face in Thai culture. Thai Christians face many difficulties. Of those is the sense that they are alone in their struggles. Because there are so few Christians in Thailand, they feel isolated from the body of Christ. The first set of videos shares testimonies of young Thai Christians to let others know that they are not alone in the challenges they face every day. It also serves to share the gospel with those who, otherwise, may not hear it, spoken from the lips of their own classmates and neighbors. Thais are often turned off to the idea of Christianity, because they believe that to become Christian is to lose what makes you Thai. Every testimony in this video series ends with the words:

My name is _____. I am Thai. I am Christian.

In making this statement, we’re hoping to erase the stigma of Westernization from the decision to become Christian. Doing that, we hope, will lead to a purer form of Christianity here in Thailand. Pray for us as these videos begin to air in churches around Chiang Rai and find their way into the hands of those who will take them further.

There’s a big youth gathering called Synergy starting up this October 22-24. The videos will premier there and be available for attendees to take them back to their home churches. We’d love for you to join us in prayer for this event. Here’s a few points to highlight:

  • That God will unite Thais of all denominations through it.
  • That he will draw those who are searching to this event.
  • That believers will grow in faith and ask for miracles for those who are searching.
  • That Christians will take initiative to follow up their passion and prayers with real action.

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