Building Community, Reaching Communities

This month we started focusing our attention on helping establish small groups at a nearby university. The first job of a leader is to build community, so that’s what we set out to do. We took a bunch of kids to a nearby waterfall to enjoy the day out. After exploring the area a little bit, we sat down to play a few games. Here’s a couple of our shots from the day out.

Jacki & Girls

Jacki with a couple of girls from Mae Fah Luang

Our Small Group at the Waterfall


The next week, we were invited by Oil, one of the girls from Mae Fah Luang, to head up to Chiang Saen and help a local church encourage it’s members and evangelize the community. We piled 15 college students in two trucks (it was a bit of a squeeze) and took to the mountain roads leading to Chiang Saen. We found out that the area has a lot of migrant groups that have fled from surrounding countries and villages to find refuge in the safety of Northern Thailand. We spent the afternoon playing with some of the local kids, then held a Christmas presentation that night, and the group hit the village in the morning to talk with locals face to face about receiving Jesus. Here are a few of the shots from the weekend.

Kids in Chiang Saen

Mother and Baby

Crowd at Chiang Saen

The Crowd at Chiang Saen During our Evangelistic Outreach

Tree Skit

We put together a number of skits for the crowd to share the gospel with them

Girls singing

Our group is so full of talent

Jacki eating at church

Our trip back saw us stopping over at one of the girl's homechurch, where we were offered lunch

Food on leaf

I don't know what it was, but I ate it!

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