Stories of Thai Christians: Mum

Mum is Thai. He grew up in a loving family with a good life. As he got older, he became aware of an emptiness inside him that nothing else could fill. This is the story of his search and what he found.

Stories matter. They are the primary means of cultural transference and change in the world. If you want to change someoneโ€™s life, tell them a story. In Thailand, Christians are the minority. They often feel isolated, cut off, and rejected by their culture, their friends, and even their families. Being Buddhist is more than a religion in Thailand. It is the Thai religion. For Thais, to accept Jesus as the only way is to turn their backs on being a Thai. In this video series, we wanted to do three things.

1. To share the stories of Thai Christians who found Jesus so that other Thais can find him to.
2. To show that Jesus did not come to make us Westernized Christians. He came to change us and our lives. You can know and follow Jesus and still be Thai. Christian Thais still cherish their culture and love their people.
3. To encourage Thai Christians that they have brothers and sisters all over the nation who have stories just like theirs. They are not alone.

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