New Free Desktop Wallpaper

We touched down in the US just a few weeks ago and after spending some quality time with Jacki’s family, we’re about ready to hit the road. Before we do, we wanted to give you a little gift for your computer desktop. Over in that green box you’ll see a new download available called “Lovedesk.jpg”. Just click on it to see the preview, which looks like what you see below and then click download. Viola! In just a few seconds, it’ll be right on your computer hard drive for you to decorate your desktop for the summer!

2 thoughts on “New Free Desktop Wallpaper

  1. Rex Tang says:

    A little love goes a long way. A very nice quote for a free desktop wallpaper but I’m a bit confused with the article since what you have stated on the first paragraph is just a short recall of the your activity. My question is, what is the relation of the content with the free desktop wallpapers? Just wondering.

    • ajquinley says:

      Hey Rex, thanks for writing. We live here in Thailand and are working with a non-profit. As such, we are funded by the donations of people around the world. The line “A little love goes a long way” is a statement of the fact that their love for the people of Thailand has gone around the world through us in order to reach Thailand. The images in the wallpaper are shots of us and some of the people we are working with.

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