Empowering Thai Youth

For the past two years, Jacki and I have devoted ourselves to serving young Thais at a nearby university campus. We’ve developed authentic relationships with the hopes of providing mentoring and encouragement as well as healing and hope for the students that we have met. We have joined a gathering of the Christian students that meets regularly throughout the week. We’ve fallen in love with their desire to worship Jesus and share his love with their family and friends. They’ve welcomed us in, appreciating the older brother and sister that they have found in us and shared with us the needs that they have.

The biggest need we’ve found is that they don’t have a home on campus. They meet in a storage room that they share with three other clubs throughout the week. It’s noisy, hot, and not conducive to intimate conversations about life, pain, and faith.

We want to provide them a place that they can make their own. We want to create a center for training and pastoral care for them that is open to them throughout the week. There are other Christians on campus, but they don’t come to the weekly gatherings either because of inconvenient timing or location. We want to unify the body of Christ on this campus so that they can see the power in true community. We’ve included a few photos here so that you can see this small group in action and get a glimpse of where they meet. Would you begin to pray and consider partnering with us in meeting these student’s need for a home on their campus? We will be keeping you updated on our plans and the opportunities that you have to partner with us in the coming weeks. If you would like to start now, you can just click on that green button to the right that says “Donate Now” and make a simple, safe, and easy online donation through Just Give. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this update and consider the possibility of partnering with us further.

Butter Talking


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