Ice Cream’s Baptism

We have a young Thai friend named Ice Cream. With a name like that, you can imagine how sweet she is. We met her at Kruu Jell’s house church just a few months ago, when she had just found Christ. Even though she wanted to be a Christian, she knew that it meant she would be stepping away from the faith and tradition of her family and friends. She was hesitant to truly commit, understandably. She stopped attending the house church for a few weeks.

One day, she decided to come back and she brought a friend. When it came time for prayer, a lady who was leading asked if anyone had any prayer requests. Ice Cream said she had been having migraines that would not go away. Her friend said she suffered the same thing. Her friend was not Christian, though, and she brought that up. “Will Jesus really heal me? I’m not a Christian,” she said. “Of course,” the teacher replied, “Jesus loves everyone!” Kruu Jell and the teacher put their hands on her and prayed. As they were praying, a tear tracked down her cheek. She opened her eyes and said, “it’s gone.” They moved to pray for Ice Cream, who was very excited. As they prayed, she closed her eyes. When she opened them, she said, “My migraine is gone too!” Then she turned to Kruu Jell. “Is it real? Is it real?” she asked. “You tell me,” Kruu Jell replied, “is it real?”

“I think it’s real,” Ice Cream said with a smile. After that, Ice Cream decided she wanted to be baptized. She invited her friends, both Christian and non-Christian. We met at a YMCA to use their pool. As the sun set, Ice Cream told her story. Then we worshipped together. Ice Cream made her way into the water where Kruu Jell and a local pastor were waiting for her. She knelt into the water and when she resurfaced, she came up to the cheers of her friends and her new family in Christ.

Later that night, Ice Cream’s friend who had been healed with her, accepted Christ for herself. Neither of them have had a migraine since.

The photos below were taken by our friends and teammates, Drew & Eunhae Strobridge. Check out their blog here.

Ice Cream Under Water

Ice Cream Resurfaced

Ice Cream Smiling after

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