Valentine’s Day Party @ the Nest

Thais love anything to do with love. This Valentine’s Day we took full advantage of that fact and hosted our own Valentine’s Day party at the Nest. Jacki baked up a storm with a friend of hers, we put up as many hearts as we had wall-space, and then the fun began. Over thirty students showed up that night, giving us the opportunity to make some new friends, have some fun with young people we’ve been investing in, and share a little more love with them. At the end of the night, I sat down and talked about the unconditional love of Jesus. The crowd oohed and aaahed as I told them about how God guided my love story with Jacki and what Jesus’ love is like for them. Jesus said, “They will know you by your love…” Pray with us that they will find his love and the life that it gives.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Party @ the Nest

  1. Lily says:

    Hello my brother and sister in the Lord. It’s good to see you both in this video specially Jacki.We just came back from our 3 months vacation to the Phils. and we didn’t have the chance to view this video because we don’t have internet service in my hometown. Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work for your labor in the the Lord will never be in vain. God bless you and we’ll be praying for you and your ministry.

    Chris and Lily

  2. Christopher Boucher and Lilbeth Sarga says:

    Hello Andrew and Jackie
    Chris and Lily here and we want to know if it is to late to have a baby shower for Jackie and the baby. We know you are haveing a boy so we want to present it to our church ladies meeting next month.
    You are a part of our church and family and we want to give you something for the baby. Do not know if any other church is or has done tgis but we doit for each of our church members(the last one being our little girls) and would like to do it for yous as well.
    Also if I was to send you $25 USD how would that brake down into Thia money. We have a missions board where we have Hong Kong and Filopino money and want to add the Thia money as well. I am looking for a Thialand flad to place there as well not over 2′ x 3′.
    We pray all is going well there and I know the Blessings of GOD are flowing from the reports you send my wife. I also might be looking into a short term missions trip to Thailand but am working on that right now. Would love to see and visit yous and see the nest for myself and meet the students who go there and visit the home church as well. Keep it in mind and let me know if it can be done and i will update you on the possible date if it works out.
    Thank You for your work and GODs BLESSING on you and all you do.
    LOVE IN CHRIST: Chris and Lily Boucher

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