Media Light Kicks Off Next Week

When Jesus walked the earth, he did not expect the lost and hungry to find him. He went to them. He found them in the market, at places of teaching, in their own homes. As those he has entrusted with his work on the earth, Christians must learn to meet people where they are. That means learning to use media.

Conversations are happening all around us, even though we may not realize it. People are asking questions:

“What should I do with my money?”
“What is love, really?”
“Who is God?”
“Should I wait till I’m married to have sex or just go for it?”
“What’s my life about anyway?”

Where are these questions? Where are their answers? They are found in the song you just listened to, the movie you watched last week, the blog article that your coworker forwarded to you, the Facebook feed that your friend posted three minutes ago. It’s a constant stream of dialogue.

Sadly, Christians often have one of two responses to this new opportunity to reach people. We either choose to keep silent and not participate in the conversation, or we produce boring, accusatory messages that fall flat the moment they leave our lips.

Last year we saw entire regimes overthrown because of Facebook and Twitter. Songs ignited passion and gave a voice to those who could not speak. Movies started revolutions. If we want to affect culture, to connect with people’s hearts and minds, we have to join the conversation, and we must learn to do so with excellence.

That is what Media Light is about. It is a 10 week training institute in Northern Thailand that welcomes students from all over the world. At Media Light, students receive expert training in the use of media to reach their nations. The transformation does not stop there, though. Students also engage in a thorough discipleship and leadership development course that empowers them to lead healthy lives and a healthy church in this generation.

The days are counting down to the arrival of the March 2013 batch of Media Light students. Please be in prayer for each one of them as they pass through the immigration process to enter Thailand and for their personal preparation. This is a sacred season. It is a pivotal moment in their lives. If you know someone who would like to learn more about Media Light for their own study, just forward them this post and send them to this link. Jacki and I work alongside this team and would be happy to pass on any request that you may have to someone who will then walk you through the application process for the next school, starting in September.

2011 Emerge/MediaLight Promo Video from MediaLight on Vimeo.

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