August’s First Few Weeks

Well, parenthood has come. Sleep is taken in three hour shifts, Jacki has become a master of soothing the little guy and I have spit-up stains on most of my shirts. But I wear them like I’ve earned my stripes.

August is three weeks old and it’s been wonderful. Jacki’s mom, Jeanette, came to stay with us for three weeks while we got adjusted to family life. Having her around was a blessing beyond words. She held the little man all day long, helped us keep the house from falling apart and spent some much appreciated quality time with Jacki and August while I prepared for the coming semester at Mae Fah Luang.

Thai schools open this week and we’re hosting our Back 2 School Party at the Nest. I met with the leaders of the Christian Club last Friday to plan out the year.

We’re excited about this batch. It’s going to be a busy year, and we’re anticipating some beautiful stories.

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