Fun with Family and Friends

It takes nearly twenty-four hours by plane to get to the US from Thailand. Once on the ground, we put around 6,500 miles under our wheels in three months. That’s roughly 130 hours of travel time. People might say, “I thought a furlough was supposed to be a vacation.” Not exactly. So, why go through all that? Because the quality time that we get to spend face to face with our family, friends, and financial partners makes it all worth it. This was August’s first time meeting most of his relatives. The trip was actually filled with a lot of firsts: first swim, birthday, words, steps, toothbrushing, and lots lots more (Check out the highlight video below!). We also were able to make it to both Jacki’s sister Randi’s wedding and my sister Jessica’s wedding too. By the end of the trip, we were both full of joy and ready to return to Thailand. We want to thank all of our partners for faithfully supporting us over the years and continuing to do so as we live and work the fields of the harvest here in Thailand.

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