Back in the Land of Smiles

Well, we are back in the land of smiles. What are we smiling about? Reconnecting with the precious students at the Christian Club. We arrived to find out they have recently been under pressure from the university to conform to the Buddhist rituals that the university sponsors. Add to that the fact that the university is not giving them a consistent meeting place, and you’d think they might just give up. These students have shown the resilience of their faith, however, binding together even tighter and digging deep into the Word of God in this time of crisis. I met with one of the few Christian teachers on the campus last night, who broke into tears as she told me how hard it is for these students to persevere against pressure from their family, friends, mentors, school, and culture. They need leaders to come alongside them, to encourage, comfort, and teach them. We are so blessed and grateful to be back in Thailand, filling that deep need. You, as our partner, make it possible for us to be here. Together, we are extending the love and gospel of Christ to the lost in Thailand and building up a healthy and dynamic Thai church. Now that is something to smile about.



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