August’s Hospital Adventure

It has been a crazy week. On Monday night last week, August had a mild fever at 1 am. I gave him half a dose of fever reducer, then went to bed. At 5:30, Jacki and I both vaguely remembered him making a groan/grunting sound and movement starting while we were sleeping. She woke me up with a jerk and a shout (who knows how long after his seizure had started). I flipped over and saw August staring up at the ceiling, body shaking mildly like he was being electrocuted. I checked his tongue to make sure he could breathe, we threw on some clothes, then grabbed him, and jumped in the car. He stopped shaking as I carried him to the car and his body relaxed.

Jacki held him as I blasted to the hospital. We got there, and he woke up from the sleep he had fallen into. They sponge-bathed him, then started a bunch of tests: EKG, blood, urine, stool, etc. So far, nothing unusual has shown up except that his body was battling an infection and the doctor thinks it’s hand, foot, and mouth disease. She spotted a sore in his mouth, and we’ve noticed other ones popping up since we left the hospital. We’ll get the rest of the tests back at the end of this week to see if it could have been something else. No further seizures, though, thank God.

Some children get febrile seizures as the body’s way of dealing with fighting a fever. August has had a few fevers and never a seizure, so I thought it was unusual. It’s possible, however, that he had been dehydrated from playing outside so much the day before, and then his body started battling the hand, foot, and mouth virus, raising his body temperature. We’re guessing that this is what had caused the seizure and are happy to live with that diagnosis unless any other tests or seizures prove otherwise. If so, we will let you know.

Until then, all is well over here and August is running, learning his alphabet, and jumping off of our coffee table. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement this last week. We are very blessed to have friends like you.


Jacki being the vigilant, caring mother that she is.



Giving August a visual treat (Cars) to keep his mind off the IV in his arm and the fact that he couldn’t run around.


My mom was a life-saver, spending time with August and filling in for me when I had to step out. Ajarn Ling is a teacher at Mae Fah Luang that we have been working alongside.


August so happy to be back home, he’s writing a song about it.


Can’t wait to get outside and hit the pool again.

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